We Have ALL Your Nuisance Bird Problems Covered!

Our Beautifly Designed Bird Deterrents are Attractive and Effective. The Varied Holographic Pieces will have fun reflections dancing all around ~ creating a fun and yet functional bird deterrent.

Bird Deterrents for Structures:

Twirly Bird Away Large Window
Twirly Bird Away Large Window

Twirly Bird Away hanging holographic deterrents can be hung just about anywhere – under your eves, in front of your windows, strung from tree to tree – wherever you need protection from problem birds.

All the needed hardware is conveniently included for fast and easy installation.  Adustable sizing so that you can fit it anywhere we you need to.

Prevent the damage of wood peckers, the mess of nesting birds and the casualities of birds crashing into your windows.

Bird Deterrents for Pools, Ponds & Boats:

Twirly Bird Away Floaty

Twirly Bird Away floating bird deterrent is THE most effective way to keep birds out of your pools and ponds – and off of your boats. No more messy poop in or on your valued pool, pond or boat!

The holographic pieces will have fun and functional reflections dancing all over the water – and even the surrounding areas.  Keeping your pool, backyard and boat perfectly protected.

Pre-assembled and ready to use. All you need to add is 2 empty 16oz water bottles or some fishing weights to keep your Twirly Bird from flying out of your pool or pond.

Raptor Away Eagle Armour Jackets ~ Protect Your Small Pets:TBA Birds of Prey Away

Safety Jacket for Dogs & Small Pets ~ Safely Protect Your Fur Babies from Vision Hunting Raptor Birds of Prey!

Protection from ALL Birds of Prey / Raptors – Day or Night!  Keep your fur babies safe ~ by dressing them up in our fun and functional protective jackets.

** For Maximum Safety – Be Sure to Include Our Add-On Flashing Light and Clear Talon Shields

Our Twirly Bird Away Eagle Armour reflective holographic protective safety jackets are hand-made & each one is as unique as your pet.