Twirly Bird Away! Keeps the Birds at Bay

How Twirly Bird Away Came About...

I have large windows up high on my A-Frame house and much to my distress – birds were constantly crashing into the windows and dying (I would spend many a day trying to keep an injured bird alive, with success sometimes, but not always.)

So I set about finding a solution for saving the birds!

I researched online and tried just about EVERY product I could find, and they were all lacking. Some broke before I got them hung up, some blew away,  some did damage to my house, as well as smacking up against my windows. None came with adequate installation hardware, which meant a trip to the hardware store and thus my needing to become a bit of a “Macgyver” in order to hang them up in a secure and functional manner.

I spent way too many hand aching hours putting together 24 split (key) rings – TWICE each (aka: opening a key ring 48 times in a row!?) – to assemble an inferior bird deterrent.  And I spent way too many hours trying to peel protective labels off of both sides of 24 discs – many of which I never could get the protective stickers all the way off, instead being left with something that looked like it had been through a cyclone.

While this was happening to me, I had a friend going through the exact same process in her attempt to combat the woodpeckers that were literally destroying her home and all her out-buildings.  Between the two of us – we spent way too much money and way too many hours trying to deal with the lacking options found online and in our local hardware stores – with no success! Everything either fell apart or simply did not keep the birds away for more than a few days.

Twirly Bird Away Large Window

And this lead to my deciding that I had no choice but to create  THE PERFECT bird deflectors  –  and I succeeded!!  I spent many hours trying different designs and using different materials, and different combinations and I finally came up with the ultimately effective, easy to assemble and durably long lasting Twirly Bird Away, and thus… History was made.

Thank you for trying out our attractive, effective, complete bird deterrent. I am so confident about this amazing creation – that I offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

Many Smiles, 

Shelly Black

Creator of Twirly Bird Away

Twirly Bird Away Creator Shelly Black
Large Twirly Bird Away