Frequently Asked Questions about Twirly Bird Away Products

  1. How do Twirly Bird Away products work?   All of our products are designed with holographic materials that are not only incredibly shiny, but also highly reflective which cause a visual disturbance that scares the birds away. We combine multiple items in each of our products, so that birds do not grow used to our deterrents. They are constantly reflecting light and colors in many directions at all times for maximum efficiency.
  2. Do they work on just Wood Peckers – what about nesting birds?  Twirly Bird Away can be used ANYWHERE you have problems with birds pecking, nesting, pooping, or congregating.
  3. What if the hanging TBA does not fit perfectly where I need it?  Each piece is attached with a swivel snap and pieces can be arranged in any order needed to fit any spot. There is also 6 inches of chain for really tough spots.
  4. How do I keep my small pet safe from Raptors?  Our Raptor Away Jackets are the perfect way to safely protect your small pets from vision hunting raptors. This does not include owls – as they hunt by scent and usually after dark.
  5. Do the Raptor Jackets protect from Coyotes? No. These jackets do not protect from 4-legged predators. Our first recommendation for the best protection is to put up an electric fence along the outside of the top of your dog fencing.  Another recommendation is motion censored lighting for after dark. There are also motion censored products that blast a loud sound to deter such predators.
  6. How does the Floating TBA work?  EASILY!!  You simply put some weights on it (two 12 ounce water bottles, or fishing weights) and drop it into your pool. It will deter birds from not only your pool, but all of the surrounding area as well. The constant motion from the movement of the water keeps the birds from getting ‘used’ to these deterrents.
  7. How do I use the Floating TBA to protect my small animals?  Beyond our TBA Raptor Away Jackets – you can have added protection in your yard by placing a Floating TBA in a kiddy pool (not included). This bouncing reflector in water is one more visual distraction to keep your fur babies safe from birds of prey.
  8. How do I protect my boat and dock from problem birds?  EFFECTIVELY! With the floating TBA – just use the suction cups (included in each order) to adhere the TBA to any place on your boat or dock that birds are a nuisance.  They are effective and a fun conversation piece that is like a party all in itself.

For any questions you still may have – please reach out to us directly at: