Twirly Bird Away ~ Keeps the Birds at Bay!

Effectively & Humanely Deters All Birds ~ Wherever They're a Nuisance

  • Keep Away The Woodpeckers ~ Forever!

  • Prevent Birds From Building Nests On Structures

  • Protect Small Pets from Birds of Prey!

  • Effectively Keep Birds out of Pools & Ponds

  • Deter Birds from Landing on Your Boat or Dock

  • Obstruct Birds From Entering Into Warehouses

  • Stop Birds From Crashing Into Windows

  • Eliminate Bird Poo On Your Car Or Home

  • Ward Off Birds From Camp Sites

  • Easy to Install

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Can Be Used Anywhere & Everywhere!
Got Birds ...? You Need This Perfect Solution!

• Pre-Assembled for Hassle-Free Set-Up (No protective film to remove, No split (key) rings that you have to put together)

• ALL Needed Installation Hardware INCLUDED

• Aerodynamic Design Attaches to Structures from the Top and the Bottom – Will Not Contact Siding or Windows During Heavy Winds

• Durable Construction for Long Lasting Protection

• Multiple Lengths, Easily Adjusted to Fit Every Need & Size

• Decorative Reflections Silently Dance Across Your Home

And Every Order Comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

TBA Birds of Prey Away
Protect Your Pets!

Protecting You From Problem Birds – No Matter Where They’re a Nuisance!

Effectively Protect Your Home, Office, Barn, Deck, Backyard, Campsite ~ and More

Protect Your Pool, Pond, Backyard, Boat ~ and Surrounding Areas

Safely Protect Your Small Pets from Birds of Prey